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drabbles and things

I like to write, and I'd like to get rid of this writers block.
I like to write fanfiction over other things.
Help me out and give me a prompt, a pairing, or anything based off of a fandom I may know.
Oct 21 '11

For those wishing for an extensive list of things I will write fanfiction/drabbles/one-shots for:

I figure this will double as an introductory post. I do have a personal tumblr here
I’m sort of rubbish at keeping my creativity going, and it sucks because I really love to write. I’m hoping that my making this blog will aid me with getting back into it, and successfully completing NaNoWriMo.

I’ll take pairings, prompts, song-based things, anything your heart desires in my ask box, and then you shall receive. I also can’t automatically assume you’ll all like my writing, so if it goes down the tubes, hopefully it will be with grace!

Onto the fandoms!

Doctor Who
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Blue Bloods (book series)
Harry Potter
Miyazaki films
Chrono Crusade
Yu Yu Hakusho
Alice in Wonderland
Middle Earth (covers LoTR, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, etc.)
Sailor Moon

I will also do crack ships and crossovers. If you don’t see anything you particularly like on this little list, suggest it! I’m still open to things I haven’t listed.

Thanks, all!

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