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drabbles and things

I like to write, and I'd like to get rid of this writers block.
I like to write fanfiction over other things.
Help me out and give me a prompt, a pairing, or anything based off of a fandom I may know.
Jul 11 '12
Jun 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

why no "

I usually answer/write prompts as-is, when they’re asked. I suppose I could create an entirely new post with a way of categorizing, but I didnt? I mean, if you can scroll through your dash, you can scroll through some prompts, right? Right? Too dickish a move?

Jan 3 '12

grungyhipster asked:

Ten in the Labyrinth with Howl.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. jerked and spiraled through time and space, parts of her exploding as the Doctor struggled to hang on in attempt to calm her down.  They were going far, something was pulling them, calling out to them.  When the T.A.R.D.I.S. crashed, the Doctor’s legs were against the doors, and smoke billowed from the console.  Coughing, he stood himself straight and covered his mouth, quickly opening the door and emerging to find his surroundings odd.

"Doesn’t look like any planet I know…." He was surrounded by a dreary and misty forest, which seemed teeming with all sorts of life, yet it was nothing like the Doctor had seen.  "Lets find out where we are." 

"No need." The voice was smooth, and came from a more than handsome blond from the shadows.  "The Labyrinth, from what I have learned, is what it’s called….a Goblin City is just in the center."  The boy had bright blue eyes, but they were distant or distracted. "I’m trying to get there. Something very important to me is there….something must be here for you, too."

The Doctor tilted his head, giving the gentleman a squinty-eyed and confused expression. “The Labyrinth? Goblin city? Sounds awfully famili-oh. Oh. Yeah, right. The Labyrinth.” He sniffed and looked the blond up and down. “Oh, nothing is here, for me. No kids.”

"I’m not here for the child, but the one who wished him away.  This was certainly not supposed to happen….she wasn’t being serious.  How could she know this sort of thing existed?  The tale was real?"  The young man looked to the Doctor, finished musing to himself, and gave a smile. "Forgive me for being rude.  I never introduced myself!  You may call me Howl."

The Doctor was on his hands and knees when Howl looked to the Doctor, and was puzzled to find him shining some buzzing light all around.  The Doctor nodded and waved a hand, “Yeah, yeah. The Doctor. I’m the Doctor.” He got to his feet and stepped toward Howl, placing a hand on his shoulder with a wide smile.  ”I’ll help you get there…and in no time! You see, I have my T.A.R.D.I.S.!”

Before the Doctor had time to show his prized possession to Howl, bubbles appeared and drifted between them. In their reflections were faces, which Howl immediately reacted to.  In the first bubble, there was a young girl with hair like silver; and in the other was a child, probably no older than eight.  A darkness came about them, and as the Doctor looked to the blond, he began to change before his eyes.

Howl’s eyes became intense and focused, black feathers beginning to poke and stab through the skin of his arm, while his hand was beginning to form some sort of talon.  ”I’m going to kill him for taking them away.”

"No, no!" The Doctor moved to him, placing both hands on his shoulders.  "Howl, listen to me. I’m going to take you there…we’ll be there long before anybody gets to us. No one has to die, today. Come on." He took Howl by his more normal arm, yanking him toward the T.A.R.D.I.S.  "Come on!" 

A rumbling came from Howl in momentary defiance before he reluctantly went with the Doctor. He panted as his arm began to return to normal, and his spirits seemed to calm.  He shook his head as the blue box now stood in front of them. Howl’s brows raised, “This is what’s taking us there?” 

"Oi! Don’t insult her! She’s gorgeous!" The Doctor argued, placing a hand on the door of the T.A.R.D.I.S.  He would then turn to unlock and open the door, pushing it open for Howl.  "Go on, then. See for yourself."  A playful smirk had appeared on the Doctor’s face, his arms folded over his chest.

Howl would then step forward through the door, finding it to be….different.  It was bigger on the inside, nothing quite so different to Howl, but it’s walls were odd, and it was filled with all sorts of technology.  The Doctor was right behind him, closing the door behind them. He moved to the center console of the machine, and danced around it with his arms raised in the air.

"Ta-da! Fantastic thing, she is." The Doctor smiled, and now turned right to the controls, beginning to spin a lever and punch in all sorts of codes. "Now, lets go get your friends back." 

"They’re not my friends.  They’re my family." Howl corrected, leaning back against the railing with crossed arms.  He had nothing to really say about the T.A.R.D.I.S., aside from it’s surprising use as transportation. 

The Castle of the Goblin City was quite large and filled with all sorts of large rooms and halls and atriums, and housed a wicked Goblin King by the name of Jareth.  He had seen the Doctor and Howl, and had predicted their coming.  Howl was after the boy, Markl, and his lover, Sophie.  Both were hidden away.  This had become a game to Jareth.  ”No one can expect to cheat their way through my Labyrinth.  Not even you, Doctor.”

The king stood from his window, giving a chuckle as he turned and made his way down into the throne room.  The T.A.R.D.I.S. stood at the other end of the room, with the Doctor and Howl standing in front of it. They had been waiting.

"Ah, yes.  Doctor, you should really stop cheating my Labyrinth…you know the consequences…." Jareth began, sitting upon his throne, legs crossing.


Howl froze and stood straight, his eyes widening.  That was Sophie’s voice.  ”Forget consequences. Sophie needs my help.”  The wizard began to dash, but Jareth did not chase him, nor did he send his goblins.  Jareth didn’t really want the girl.

"Why are you doing this?" began the Doctor, "This wasn’t what you were tasked to do. Take a child AND the wisher?  She hadn’t a clue what she was saying.  You’ll let her and the child go."

Jareth chuckled and began to step toward the Time Lord.  ”Is that a threat?  Don’t forget who controls time, here, Doctor.  I could set us in the past if I so wished, I could have gotten to you before you had the pleasure of flying off in that police box. He can take his girl and his boy freely.  It was the pleasure of seeing you, again…and warning you, Doctor, that kept me from interfering.”

Jareth’s tone dripped with a fake friendliness, but the Doctor only concerned himself with how serious Jareth’s words had actually been.  ”Warning me about what?  What could you possibly know about me?”

"Bad Wolf."

The Doctor’s eyes widened as he turned to the T.A.R.D.I.S.  He was no longer needed, nor did he want to stay.  Bad Wolf.  Even now it still haunted him, but the Doctor was halted by someone pulling him into a hug.

"Oh, Doctor! You’ve saved us! Thank you." A kiss on the cheek was then granted to the Doctor, by none other than Howl’s Sophie.  She was a bit shorter than the Doctor had expected, but the boy, Markl, was racing around the T.A.R.D.I.S. in curiosity.  

"We shall meet again, Doctor." Howl assured, giving a nod as he took Sophie with an arm around her shoulder, and led the three from the castle.  "I’ll have to show you my own machine."

The Doctor just blinked and nodded, smiling as he waved to them.  He gulped and pushed himself through the door of the T.A.R.D.I.S., eyeing the console in contemplation.  He would shake his head, setting a random set of coordinates.  ”You’ve got to stop taking random housecalls….you know better. You know where we need to go.” The Doctor warned, his eyes fixed on the console, as if something in there could understand him, and flipped the lever that began their departure beyond the stars.

Dec 30 '11

commba asked:

There's always Proto/Who/Bowie if you get back to that.

"Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” Donna looked to the Doctor as they stood before a promotional performance poster.  The building was in the middle of the slums, and used for refugees and resistance groups to gather and enjoy what humanity was left.  

The Doctor began to chuckle as he turned his head toward his companion.  ”Well….there’s a reason he’s called Ziggy Stardust.”

"You’re telling me he’s a time traveller? He travels? In time? Starman…is that about himself?  Space Oddity…? Doctor!” Donna was in hysterical disbelief.  They hadn’t even figured out where they were, and David Bowie was performing for people not even of Earth.

The Doctor sniffled and shifted his head, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his overcoat.  ”Yeah, well….we’ve had a few go arounds.” His response was so nonchalant, Donna could only let her mouth hang agape.  With a nudge of his elbow into her forearm, he nodded his head toward the doors of the club.  ”We could meet him….if you’d like?”

There was no argument from Donna, only a forceful pull as she lead them into the building.  It was packed from wall to wall, but the Doctor pushed them through with ease, and retrieved his psychic paper from his pocket.  Flashing it to a bouncer, he smiled.  ”Mr. Smith and my plus one.”  

The bouncer squinted to the paper, and would give them both a sideways glance.  He turned and moved out of sight behind the stage, assuming the Doctor and Donna would follow.  The place was a dump compared to what Donna was used to seeing in London, but there was no mistaking the man that they were now in the same room with.

The Doctor placed a hand on David’s shoulder, not saying a word, but a deep laugh came from the star as he turned to them. “Ahaha, Mr. Smith! Are you still using that, mate?” His eyes moved to Donna, “Still have lovely friends, I see…”

Clearing his throat, the Doctor laughed. “Ah, this is Donna. Donna, meet David Bowie.” 

Donna began to stammer and laugh, unable to quite form complete words.  Her smile was bright, and she would eventually turn to the Doctor with her hands held out before her.  ”I, uh….”  Donna would then let herself hug the man, “I bloody love you. Really, I do.”

Bowie nodded almost knowingly, and tried his best to kindly push Donna off of him. “Yes, love, I believe it. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some groovin’ to do before patrol.”

The Doctor’s expression became quizzical, “Patrol? What kind of patrol?” He looked to Donna. Perhaps they should have explored a bit before running straight to the fun.  ”Come to think of it, where are we? What year?”

Bowie chuckled, “Doctor, you ought to really figure these things out before you leave the T.A.R.D.I.S.  We’re in the City.  Years are different, here. Doesn’t matter.  Just don’t talk poorly of Wily or his robots, or you’ll both be killed.”  With that said, the man moved to the stage, leaving the Doctor with a disturbed expression.

"Robots? There are robots here, too!? I thought Spaceman Bowie was enough!" gasped Donna, looking to the Doctor, who seemed to be deducting.  

"We should go….we should really, really go…." he began, looking around the club for something.  Propaganda posters were all over the walls, although defaced, giving the Doctor the idea that Wily wasn’t quite the nicest mayor, if he could be called as such.

"Go? To Wily, you mean? That’s what he said his name was. Wily. Wily and his robots."

"He’s their creator.  He must be using them to control the city…and if people are killed because of their opinions….he can’t be any good."  He ran his hands through his hair with a groan.  Why was it wherever he went, trouble followed?  "Come on." He took Donna’s hand, weaving and pushing out of the building and back into the back alleys of the city.

Looking up into the sky, the Doctor wasn’t surprised to see robots flying about.  There were many tall skyscrapers, but the tallest was in the very center of the city, set apart by the largest of screens.  ”Look, Donna. There.”  He pointed to the building, and would rush back to the T.A.R.D.I.S.

"Oi! Wait!" called Donna, running after him, and back into the time machine.  As soon as she closed the door, the Doctor sent them through time and space, and landed somewhere different.  

"Don’t open the door, yet…." The Doctor warned, consulting his desktop screen.  They were surrounded by curious robots, until an older man entered the room.  His arms were folded, and a smirk was seen from beneath a gray mustache.  Partly bald with wild hair and sinister eyes, Wily had never seen such a thing.

"Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tear it apart and create a newer, stronger Sniper….?" the man said.  His tone made the Doctor feel like he knew they were in there.  It was a tactic, a threat, to get them out.

The Doctor moved to the doors and let his hand rest on the knob, not yet opening it.  His eyes darted to the red-head beside him.  ”Stay here until I say so.”  Opening the T.A.R.D.I.S. doors, the Doctor exited, his hands raised in supposed defeat.  ”Alright, you’ve got me. Now what? I get turned into a robot?”

"I have a better plan for you, yet…Doctor." With the snap of his fingers, Wily had human-like robots restrain him by his arms, each with a single red ‘eye’.  They were strong, of course, and caused the Doctor to grimace.

"Doctor? How do you know my name?" 

Laugher erupted from Wily at the response, “You forget that I see everything, I hear everything, I know everything.  I know you have a friend still inside your vessel, and you are not from this world, just as another man here….”

Wily turned on his heel and moved to a large window with a view overlooking the entire city.  He placed a finger against the glass, and had the Snipers bring the Doctor to his side.  ”See, there….Here rides a hero.”  The Doctor squinted his eyes to the streets, watching a motorcycle race at top speeds toward the tower.  ”He thinks he can blow us up….I have other plans.” 

The Doctor’s eyes widened.  Wily was going to kill whoever was riding that bike, and there was hardly any remorse for the life he’d take.  The scientist would be better off as a Dalek.  

"I won’t kill you, Doctor….for once, I’ll spare a life, but I will not spare his.  Your technology is superior, even I can see it would be futile, but I have the upper hand.  I can make you watch, rending you powerless." 

An explosion shook the tower, coming from the street below, then there was silence.  A screen in the large room would show a leather-clad man running as fast as he could to the roof of the tower, lugging what seemed like tons of explosives.  He struggled with them, trying to figure out exactly how to activate them.  The man dumped them, and only took a step before he was countered by explosives of Wily’s own making.

The screen turned black, and the building rumbled and groaned, sending the man falling from the roof.  Dead.  The Doctor’s eyes were wide, his face pale.  He had no words for what he had just been forced to see, and could only be happy Donna hadn’t been made to.

"You don’t deserve to live….but I’m better than you!" The Doctor tore himself from the Snipers arms and brought himself face to face with Wily, anger seething through his veins.  "I don’t need to kill people, oppress an entire city with robots, and instill fear! I have a better method…." The Doctor ran back to the T.A.R.D.I.S., and entered in time to hear Wily question him.

"And what would that be?"

The groans of the T.A.R.D.I.S. was all the answer Wily got as the Doctor silently traveled to the ground, in front of the body, and a man weeping before him.  Everything seemed to be falling apart all around them, but the Doctor rushed to the side of the fallen. “Come on, come on, come on, come on….” he repeated, desperately trying to figure out a contraption that would hopefully save him, but the old man at his side pushed him away.

"He’s gone…nothing can be done, now.  Get out of here.  Go home, the both of you….Oh, God."  The man held a letter in his hand, which he had read over and over, but the Doctor couldn’t give up.

"No, no, no!" The Doctor smashed the metal and alien object into the ground, causing Donna to rush to him and place her hands on his shoulders.  He’d kill himself just to save this boy, but it was no use.  It was too late.

"Doctor!" Donna knelt beside him and looked to her friend. "It’s not your fault…it’s too late…no one was meant to return from death."  Her eyes met the old man’s, and they seemed just as broken as the Doctor’s.  "It’s time for us to go…Doctor, come on…."

The man looked from Donna to the Doctor.  ”His name was Joe.  Wily was a friend of mine many years ago….took everything away from me…took the life of a boy who didn’t want to live like this….”

"What’s your name?" The Doctor finally asked, rising grimly to his feet.  His tone was flat and dull, yet the man could only shake his head.  He refused, but why?  That was usually the Doctor’s job.

"Its best if you forget what happened, here."

Donna tugged the Doctor’s arm, forcing him back to the T.A.R.D.I.S.  Flames were erupting, and they’d be dead from the smoke if they didn’t get out of there fast.  The Doctor merely nodded to the man, in silent understanding.  

"What happened out there, Doctor?"  Donna finally asked, the T.A.R.D.I.S. in flight to….who knows where.  She was met with silence, which frustrated her, but the Doctor was the Doctor.  "You saw something, didn’t you? It’s alright, Doctor…lets just go home."

Dec 29 '11

grungyhipster asked:

I told you I'd give you a good prompt a few days ago, so here I go - The Doctor in Wonderland. His companion is Alice.

"Curiouser and curiouser….." 

The small voice echoed through the T.A.R.D.I.S., the Doctor watching the girl take in the mind-boggling perplexity of his machine.  She was bewildered, yet the Doctor couldn’t help but feel let down when she didn’t comment about it being ‘bigger on the inside’.  Alice simply examined the console, turned back to the Doctor, and smiled.

"How much further does it go?"  She thought it was a dream, so the initial shock of it being reality simply did not hit her.  With a chuckle, the Doctor moved to the desktop screen, showing what was outside; a Wonderland night sky.  Constellations, moons, all sorts of oddly colored lights and creatures.  

"Rooms and rooms….got a swimming pool in the library, bedrooms, wardrobe rooms, you name it, she’s got it!" 

Alice turned to the Doctor.  She had been about to venture through the T.A.R.D.I.S., but upon hearing the Doctor’s description, it would have appeared she’d have just gotten herself lost.  She was quiet, now, and sat herself in front of the screen, looking at their outside surroundings.

"What were you doing, Alice?" the Doctor asked, his tone surprisingly calm and quiet.  He had to remember he was dealing with a child, and not an adult.  The Doctor knew the answer, of course, because he wasn’t supposed to have been able to reach Wonderland, to begin with.  It was a fictional place, yet the T.A.R.D.I.S. had nearly exploded upon arrival.  Thanks to Alice’s bright, young, imagination, they’d come to were they where, now.

"I was about to meet the Red Queen…I’ve met all sorts of people, here….yet none quite like you.  All I want is to go home." Alice admitted,  then tilted her head with a lopsided smile.  "Who are you, anyway, Doctor?"

With a laugh and a wave, the Doctor sauntered his way over to Alice, and began to fiddle with knobs and switches around the console.  ”I’m a time traveller with no name and no home.”  His eyes moved to Alice, his tone a bit more serious.  ”Do you still trust me?”

There was hesitation in Alice.  She didn’t immediately answer like the rest of his companions had, but she was clever.  She believed in things that no one believed in.  Impossible things.  It was no surprised when she hesitantly nodded.  ”If you’re a time traveller….that means you can go anywhere….any time….any place….you could bring me home. You could bring me….anywhere!”

Alice was beginning to get the hang of it, the idea of it, and the Doctor just remained silenced.  How long before she realized the big question? Go home, or take a detour?  The endless possibilities drifted through her mind before she gave a confident answer.  ”I want you to meet Dinah, then I want to see where you’re from.”

The Doctor’s eyes moved to the center console, hoping something would happen, or move, make any sort of noise.  Anything that would keep him from explaining the inevitable.  ”I’m not from anywhere….” He said this in a low tone, not quite wanting her to hear, but of course as a child, she did.

"Nonsense! Everyone’s from somewhere! You may not have a home….this may be your home….but you have an origin. A place of birth. Doctor, I know you aren’t like me.  You time travel….you can’t be real, or human."

With a deep and hearty laugh, the Doctor moved to hug Alice.  ”You really are a clever girl! Clever! And smart!” He looked to her seriously. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone tell you you’ll amount to nothing, or that you’re not important, because, Alice….you’ll go places.”

Alice pushed the Doctor away and narrowed her eyes. “You haven’t answered my question.” With folded arms, her stubbornness was almost palpable, and the Doctor knew he could only evade it for so long.  The fact that she was a child made it no easier.

"My home it….it’s gone. It burned. Died. I could go back….but it would mean ruining everything I’ve fought to save. Entire planets, galaxies…they’d be dead. Gone. I’m the only one left."

Alice mulled his words over carefully, and was quiet.  She could see it in his eyes that he was centuries old, and had seen a lot.  He looked tired and strained, yet she’d let it pass.  She accepted what it was he had said, and would smile.  ”So…it goes anywhere? Can we take the Hatter? I quite like him.  There’s some normalcy in there, I think….”

With a mischievous grin, the Doctor’s eyes moved to look to Alice.  ”Hold on tight….”  When he saw that the girl was braced against the chair, he moved around the console, pulling levers and switches, and eventually stood beside the girl.  ”Allons-y!” 

The T.A.R.D.I.S. jolted, and the crystal part of the console would begin to move up and down as the police box lurched and sent them flying in all sorts of directions.  Even before they had landed, the console room was filled with laughter - as it should be, the Doctor often thought.  

They had arrived at the tea party garden, and Alice raced to the door, opening it and peering out to see that they had, in fact, traveled.  She was amazingly happy, but would find her interesting friend and wave him to her.  ”Hatter! Come here!”  When there was hesitation, Alice exited the T.A.R.D.I.S., closing the door behind her to fetch him.

The Doctor then began to frown.  It was slowly beginning to hit him that he couldn’t actually bring Alice and the Hatter on any sort of adventure. For all intents and purposes, they weren’t even real.  Fictional characters based off of reality….moving to the door, he locked it, and dismally turned to the console.  He had had his fun.  He’d reached Wonderland, met Alice, and saved her from some horrors….but getting her home was already written, and he had not been part of it.  

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Alice.  I’d have liked to take you to the stars…"  

The T.A.R.D.I.S. began to give it’s sighs as it dematerialized, leaving Alice at the gardens with the Mad Hatter and the Hare, and bringing the Doctor back to Cardiff, where a pretty blonde would be eagerly awaiting him.  He regretted not saying goodbye, personally, but Alice would have forgotten when she returned home, and he wasn’t meant in a fictional world.  

The Doctor chuckled to himself as he landed, flipping his screwdriver in hand.  ”Rose’ll never believe this….”

Dec 27 '11

I want to write a book. But I need to clear these cobwebs.


Nov 8 '11

commba asked:



So. I’m going to post this on my main blog, instead, when it is rewritten. Because I am now frustrated. 

The end. Thank you. x_x

Oct 23 '11

commba asked:

POKEMON IN THE PROTOVERSE! First thing that came to mind. I really need to watch Doctor Who.

The city had been going under for years, even with the amount of resistance, it was almost impossible to fight.  The people could recall a time where they were almost saved, when Thomas Light came out of hiding, and now he barely left the building in which he lived.  One day he would save them, the people thought, and they wouldn’t know that that was exactly his plan; he was building, creating, giving life to a new type of robot.  

Light was almost complete, and that night would be the one.  It was quiet.  Wily’s minions hadn’t come around for a few hours, which was suspicious, until a bolt of lightning brightened the sky.

The scientist ran to the window to draw back the curtains, finding that the bolt had struck somewhere in the east side.  Whatever was there, was now being hurled straight toward the window by one of Wily’s generic, flying watchbots.  There was little time for Tom to move, or even understand what was about to happen, and the shattering of his window brought a creature flying into him, knocking him to the ground.

With a perplexed expression, Tom looked at the little thing.  Yellow, with extremely long and pointed ears.  It’s tail mimed the exact thing it had created, but now it was starting to come around.


"Pikachu?" Light repeated, never having seen anything like this in his life.  He scooped the rodent up and placed it on his blueprint-covered desk, sitting before it in all sorts of amazement.  He watched as it began to scan it’s surroundings, then look to the man who’d broken it’s fall.  "Is that your name?"

A tentative nod confirmed Thomas’ inquiry, and a smile would spread across his lips.  Pikachu had been fighting off the robots.  Why else would they have thrown him into a building?  A quick glance to his unbeatable machine would then send him into a roar of triumphant laughter.  If he could get the creature to trust him, perhaps Pikachu could help them with their battle against Wily…

Oct 21 '11

For those wishing for an extensive list of things I will write fanfiction/drabbles/one-shots for:

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